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Communication exercise

Take a stand – and then stay flexible /
 “Yes, I care!”

One of the biggest problems in communication is indifference. It causes a loss of time, energy and a huge loss of sympathy.
So here is my easy exercise to overcome this problem. You can do it for a day, a week or for the rest of your life.

Forbear from saying “I don’t care”, “It doesn’t matter”, “I have no preference”, “It doesn’t make any difference to me” and sentences like these.

Take a firm stand! This is not about getting pigheaded, but to find a basis for developing compromises. Know what you want, say so – yes, in a friendly way, stay flexible, find a compromise, and be happy with it in hindsight, too.

Learn to recognise faster what you really want. Start with little things. Probably it is not world shaking if you wear a red or a green shirt this evening or if you eat an extra portion vegetables today or tomorrow. But if you get used to decide these things in a hundredth of a second, you know your real preferences in more challenging topics as well.
Then you can find together with your conversational partner a solution to get satisfaction of your both needs and stay comfortable with it in the long term as well.

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