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World’s Greatest Smile FAQs


Why did you chose a smile as symbol for your campaign?

A Smile is the least common denominator of communication!
All over the world is the facial expression of smiling nearly the same.  It belongs to the universal human vocabulary! Therefor Smiling is an intelligent start of international communication - irrespective of nationality, colour of skin, wealth, gender, age, and even religion.
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How can I support the World’s Greatest Smile?

Here are some suggestions: Help the World’s Greatest Smile!


What do you do besides organising the World’s Greatest Smile?

We are inventing some other great ideas and projects all the time. So there’s always a lot fun to have.
And here you can read more about what we do beside the World’s Greatest Smile: Enjoy!

In which order are the VIPs listed on the VIPs list?

We really tried hard to find a fair way to put the VIPs in an order. We wish we could place them all on the top position!
People with an ‘
*’ are mentioned for different reasons on our Acknowledgments page.


What should I do if I have another question?

Please contact us!


World’s Greatest Smile-Day

Why did you choose the January 25th for the World’s Greatest Smile-Day?

We tried to find a date with as least as possible religious, national, international or historical meaning.

Do I have to smile for 24 hours to participate in the World’s Greatest Smile-Day?

For your participation in the World’s Greatest Smile it’s enough to smile for a moment. And if you smile longer your neurological, social and health benefits will increase.

Can I participate in World’s Greatest Smile-Day at any place I am anyway - even at home?


Do I have to smile with other people to participate in the World’s Greatest Smile-Day or may I smile on my own?

Probably smiling together with some people you like it’s more fun. But if you prefer to smile as an individual - that’s fine, too.

Do I have to be of age to participate in the World’s Greatest Smile-Day?

Smiles of all ages are welcome!

Do I have to send a picture of my World’s Greatest Smile to participate in the World’s Greatest Smile-Day?

No. But we are happy about each picture we get.

How can I send you a photo?

We are happy about each picture you send us!
Please send pictures by mail as a printed version or on CD. You can also send us a internet address where we can download your picture.
We do not open any e-mail attachments from people we don’t know to keep our computer system healthy.

Is my dog, fish… allowed to participate in the World’s Greatest Smile-Day?

Well, officially we can just count the human smiles. But if you make your animal happy and put it on your photo together with you it will be pleasant for everyone. (Keep the fish in the water please!)

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