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The Aims
of the
World’s Greatest Smile

Why we are who we are

Everybody who is familiar with us a bit more than a bit knows that we care a lot about almost everything. Lost kittens, frogs in light wells, bleeding people on the street, crying children on fences, mosquitoes in the bathroom… A doctor once said to us we usually don’t require special vaccinations to go to Mongolia but as far as he know us we would probably scrap off dogs from the street so we need vaccinations against this, that and definitely those. (I (Meike) once did that with a skunk while cycling through Canada – definitely not one of my best experiences.)

It just seems that we caught an extra portion of responsibility. (If someone misses his portion, we got it, you can have some of it back, it spawns…)


What we found out

That’s how we found out –among other things- that life would be much nicer for all of us if people would have fewer problems – with themselves, with other people and with troubles caused from other people.

And – it’s almost too simple – that most of those problems could easily be solved if people would be friendly to each other. Care about each other, listen to each other, and communicate in an intelligent way.


What we want to do

friendliness, responsibility and communication

What do people want?

  • Love, peace, happiness?
    Yes, all of them in some way. Even the not longhairs.
  • A good education, job, and excellent schools for their kids?
    Yes, the bright ones.
  • A harmonious relationship to their beloved ones and enough time to enjoy it?
    Definitely yes.
  • Health, clean water, food, a nice home in a healthy environment, a great future?
    Yes, everybody.

What do people get?

Imagine they could have it. All of them. What would it like to be?
Is this goal worth some effort? Well, yes it is, we think so.


And how could they get it?

Here is the good news: Most of these goals can be reached directly by a friendly useful communication!
And the most of the rest can be reached with money which can be raised by peaceful communication as well.

Just imagine what could be reached if we would spend the money spent within just one year for military expenditures for medical research or some solutions to prevent poverty and hunger instead. Wouldn’t be there the seed for some love, peace, happiness and much more? And what would be possible if we would spend the time and energy we spent for unproductive communication, misunderstandings and fights for finding solutions for local and global environmental issues.

There are lots and lots of resources like money, time energy, mind power which could be used for really cool benefits for yourself end everybody else. That’s possible if people stop spending it for unproductive and unpleasant quarreling and do some future enhancement instead. There is a lot of fun waiting for all of us. So let’s do it!


Is there any hope?

Yes, because people can learn.
Yes, they do. All of them.
So it must be possible for everybody to learn a friendly peaceful communication. People learn to communicate since their very first days and they enhance their possibilities day by day.
They are mentally able to enhance their valuable communication skills. And some of them are happy to
be able to use provided material (books, internet, seminars…) consciously to learn even faster and more effective.


What has to be done?

  1. Research
    To begin with we have to find out the best methods of worthwhile communication skills, peaceful attitudes and true friendly spirits.
    (The good news is that we started with this point several years ago!) There are some people out there who really know what they do, because they did some successful research on communication skills. And there are even more who are doing a good communicative job and don’t even know why. Both are great resources for all of us – the first because they can teach us what they know, and the second because they can let us find out what makes them being successful in communication. That means for us traveling around, meeting people, interviewing wise people, visiting seminars, reading, researching, trying and finding out what succeeds.
  2. Teaching
    Secondly people have to be taught at least in the basics of the best skills. (Relax, calm down, that’s the fun part for you - believe me!)
    That includes communication with children, with beloved ones, with people (fellow workers, neighbors…) and even the communication with yourself (some people are much more friendly to others than to themselves).
    And it also includes the communication between countries, what means politicians and mass media as well.

    We like to make as many people as possible gain access to this knowledge to give them the chance to use it for a worldwide benefit. The internet is a nice beginning, seminars and lectures are good steps, books are always a good way to learn and teach, and a school (with scholarships) for people to come around and learn more will be a great thing as well.
  3. Counselor team
    And because not all people will have all the knowledge right now it will be necessary to build up a team of people who can step in if there is any need for mediation, to help finding fair and satisfying solutions in any aspect.
  4. Enjoy!
    Let your imagination run away with you!

So let’s make the 21st century the ‘Century of worthwhile communication’!


What we need


Yes, we need money to achieve these aims – a lot of money as you can imagine. There are and will be immense costs for traveling for researching and teaching, office work, buildings, stipends, information material and scholarships.
(How to become a Sponsor or donate money)



And we need people with open minds, people who know about communication, people with ideas, and people with special knowledge about public relation, different cultures and religions, languages and much, much more.
And if there would be someone to figuratively pet us the head from time to time – that would just be wonderful!