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Communication tip:

What do  you want to teach your opponent’s children?

You are a  teacher. Children (and adults) learn by experiencing your actions and the consequences of your actions. So you are a teacher - if you want to  or not. You teach your own children. And you teach your opponent’s children, too.
So if you have to make decisions which influence your  opponent’s live, have in mind what his children learn from you and about you.
Do you really want to teach them to be afraid of you, maybe even hate you? Or do you want to teach them that you are an honourable neighbour who is able to solve conflicts in a non-violent, intelligent way?

When they grew up, based upon which education would you like them to make decisions which could influence your own children’s live?

So be a responsible teacher for your own children and your opponent’s children as well.

”The cliff” by Meike Duch

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