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New Year’s resolutions - the easy way
A smile for your health

Who of us did not resolved to do more for his health in the New Year?
Do you want to take care of your own body – with as little strain as possible? Protect yourself from heart disease, strengthen your whole organism and your immune system and treat your brain well - without any effort? You can hardly believe that this could be possible?
Well, then you will be happy about the newest scientific research results!

Here is the solution: Smile!
Smiling has a stimulating and therewith invigorating effect on the whole human organism. As a result of a study by cardiologists at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore people with a good sense of humour can do a lot to prevent heart attacks.
In addition to exercise, stop smoking and a healthy diet a hearty smile seems to be pretty important to protect your heart effectively.
Beside that humour boosts your immune system, is conductive to each healing process and is even a great method for reducing stress and enhancing relaxing.
Professor R. B. Zajonc of the Stanford University and the researcher of facial expression Dr. Paul Emann furthermore found out that the brains of smiling people are more provided with oxygen because the use of the facial muscle while smiling enhances those blood vessels which transport the oxygen to your brain. Probably that’s one of the reasons why most Nobel Prize Laureates smile that much.

And as an extra present while smiling your body distributes the ‘lucky-hormone’ endorphin, so we can actually smile us happy.

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A smile is the least common denominator of communication!

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