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Smile at bears

- creating a fabulous atmosphere..., overcoming preconceptions, being there for others, smiling as a form of communication -

Andreas and I invented “Smile at bears” on a cold winter day for a special event we had. And it became one of my favourite games of all times for several reasons!

One of the reasons why I love this game so much is because it is so lovely to explain the “rules”:
Gather all players close around you and speak like you would if you would tell them a magical story. Create an intimate atmosphere where everybody can feel snug. Whisper and make it really exciting to listen to you. They’ll love it - especially the adults.

I’m fully aware that there might be some slight biological inaccuracies in the story - but everyone will be very moved and learned something worthwhile on the way.


Aims of the game

The aims of the game are more the aims of telling the story in this case. You can create a magical and peaceful situation and take the participants out of the stress they might have had.

What you need

  • a spot to run around safely
  • something stable you can use as a bear's den
    (If you have one entrance and one exit you avoid crashed bunny ears in the bear’s den - some bunnies tend to get a bit excited when invited for tea.)

The rules of the game - or let’s better call it fabulous story line

The bears (two or more players) are having their cosy winter sleep in their cuddly bear's den. (Pause, enjoy the silence.)
Then the bunnies (all other players) come around and find the bears sleeping peacefully. They find that so adorable that they quietly and deeply touched smile at the bears ... And that warmed the bear’s hearts and so they wake up.
Now the bears are awake and since they like the bunnies so much they want to invite them into their bear's den for some hot tea.
The bunnies are surprisingly not used to be invited for tea by bears so as the bears come out of their den they hop-run away. The bears follow them and a friendly smile and an inviting touch of their paws on the bunnies shoulders -be always extra careful if you are a big bear touching a little bunny!- clears up the misunderstanding.
Each touched bunny then happily hops to the bear’s den to have tea. When they finished their tea and thanked the bears they wait at the entrance of the bear’s den to get picked up by another friendly hopping bunny.
When they hop around they can get re-invited by any friendly bear again.

Feel free to add lovely, happy elements to the story!

What you can expect:

You can create a very harmonious, lovely situation within moments - it’s fabulous!

Smile at bears

- creating a fabulous atmosphere..., overcoming preconceptions, being there for others, smiling as a form of communication -


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