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Communication tip:

Modal Operators

Language is wonderful!

It gives us the possibility to impress what we do - and furthermore the possibility to modify how an activity is done and how important it is for us!
 And that’s where Modal Operators come into play. A Modal Operator is a verb that qualifies another verb, like “have to”, “can” and “must”. You can express a necessity, a desire, a possibility, or a choice with it.
And you get important information from your communication partner about the intensity of his request as well. You get to know which of his concerns are most important for him and then you can concentrate on those and fulfil them if you like.

  • “I have to pet my cute puppy.”
  • “I must pet my cute puppy.”
  • “I should pet my cute puppy.”
  • “I absolutely must pet my cute puppy.”
  • “I need to pet my cute puppy.”

Give me the puppy, right now, don’t even think about something else.
(Always provided that the puppy likes to be petted!)

  • “I want to pet my cute puppy.”
  • “I wish to pet my cute puppy.”
  • “I wish I could pet my cute puppy.”
  • “I‘d lik
    e to pet my cute puppy.”
  • “I desire to pet my cute puppy.”

I would be very happy if you could give me the puppy now.

  • “I can pet my cute puppy.”
  • “I am able to pet my cute puppy.”
  • “I am capable to pet my cute puppy.”

I have two hands (or something like that) and a puppy, so I really can pet it.

  • “I chose to pet my cute puppy.”
  • “I’m going to pet my cute puppy.”
  • “I’m petting my cute puppy.”
  • “I decide to pet my cute puppy.”

I pet my puppy if I chose to.


And what do you now?

  • “I wish I could enhance my communication.”
  • “I‘d like to enhance my communication.”
  • “I want to enhance my communication.”
  • “I need to enhance my communication.”
  • “I have to enhance my communication.”
  • “I wish to enhance my communication.”
  • “I must enhance my communication.”
  • “I can enhance my communication.”
  • “I’m going to enhance my communication.”
  • “I’m enhancing my communication.”
  • “I should enhance my communication.”
  • “I chose to enhance my communication.”
  • “I desire to enhance my communication.”
  • “I absolutely must enhance my communication.”
  • “I decide to enhance my communication.”

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