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Communication tip:

Both of us love pizza... or
Find the least common denominator

If you are in a dispute with someone and try to find a way out, search for the least common denominator. There is always one! Use some similarities as starting point for finding a satisfyingly solution for both of you.

The least common denominators could be for example:

  • Both of you are able to smile!
  • Both of you are in a dispute and would rather be somewhere else.
  • Both of you want to find a peaceful solution.
  • Both of you have children and want to be a good example for them.
  • Both of you are hungry, excited, enthusiastic… and after a rest you will be able to concentrate on finding  a great solution easily.
  • Both of you are human – somehow…, or pretend to be.
  • Both of you will learn from this situation and will do it better next time.
  • Usually you will find out that the least common denominator is greater than you thought before - and a helpful tool to find the best solution.

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