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Gravity Wand Game

teamwork and communication

The Gravity Wand Game is a great way to find out how good your capacity of teamwork really is - if you have to enhance your teamwork, and consciously and unconsciously find ways together to do so.

The aim of the game:
The main knowledge players of the Gravity Wand Game can learn in a very impressing way is: If your teamwork doesn’t work, you can’t even trust in gravity!
And on the other hand - or finger: If your teamwork is fine – you can achieve a common purpose together, win and have fun!
In the process you will find methods to improve your teamwork, so that you can succeed together and stand to the rules at the same time.

Explanation of wands and gravity

What you need:

  • some players
  • one or more wands
  • a bit of gravity is helpful as well...

preparation of wands and gravity

The rules of the game:

  • Every player holds one finger of one or two hands under a wand.
  • Every player has to touch the wand with his finger the whole time of the game and is not allowed to loose contact! If one finger looses contact, start all over!
  • The aim is to lower the wand to the ground.
  • Measure the time and try to lower the wand as soon as possible.
  • Find methods to improve your teamwork so you can achieve your common purpose together and stand to the rules.
  • You can play with two or more teams as well. The team which touches the ground with his wand first (or lets say: the team with the better teamwork) wins.

the start

What you can expect:

  • Teams with good teamwork will lower the wand within a little time period, with constant arrangements and a lot of fun.
  • Teams which have to improve their teamwork will raise their wands pretty fast and maybe drop it then. This happens because caused by a leak of unity of team speed everybody is pushing upwards.
    Very impressing experience! If that happens - just play again!

Teams with great teamwork...!

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