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Communication tip:

The secrete of how to give a successful lecture
           - a beginner’s course

Here you get the five most important tips for giving a successful lecture - and a very friendly and interested audience for your practice!

  1. Structure your speech clearly and reasonably. Use slower and faster parts of your talk, an interesting development of suspense, and punch lines.
  2. Be friendly, polite, results-orientated and use your sense of humour. Use your sense of humour. And remember to use your sense of humour!
  3. Apply your facial expression and gestures to support your words. Use more than one mien per emotion.
  4. Use phrases with diverse sensory perceptions!
    For examples:
    “I’m looking forward seeing you!” (visual)
    “That sounds good to me!” (auditory)
    “Feel free to contact us!” (kinaesthetic).
    You will arouse interest in your listener faster and they will understand you easier when you employ all kind of sensory perceptions.
    You can utilise visual aids, as well as auditory and kinaesthetic recourses.
  5. Stay comfortably perpendicular and mind your tone of voice! Vary the expression and speed of your voice accordingly to your topic.

Get prepared and practice with this friendly audience:



(Pictures of Tashi Delek are copyrighted by Meike Duch.)


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