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Dwarfs, Giants & Fairies

communication, free choice of attitude of your group, being a responsible team member

Ok, Dwarf, Giants & Fairies is a for some people a kind of confusing game. That is part of the fun - so stay relaxed and enjoy!
But though I love it a lot because it is such a metaphorical game, and you can teach people so much about communication and how to jointly make decisions about themselves and their group while having a really great time together!
This game is a great way to let groups of people learn how to come to a decision which role they want to play as a group! If you play it right it is a very salutary lesson - and yes, a lot of fun as well!

Aims of the game
Players can learn in a playful way that you can chose which role you want to play - in this game and in general.
And a second aim of Dwarf, Giants & Fairies is to learn to come to a decision in a friendly way. Not the one with the loudest voice should make the decision for the whole group - but the one with the best reasons for his opinion!

What you need
You just need a safe place to play and some players.

The rules of the game
The rules are more or less easy. If some players don’t understand it right away it is ok - usually those are the ones which have the most fun. And they learn the important lessons anyway.

  1. There are two teams. Just let everybody decide in which team he/she wants to play. If one team has much more players than the other it doesn’t matter.
    Each group meets at one end of the rink.

  2. Now each team has to decide in a friendly way which role they want to play in the next round: Dwarfs, Giants or Fairies.
    You have to keep your common decision secret from the other group - so speak silently.
    Make sure that everybody in your array knows and agrees with the decision.

Some players were so kind and demonstrate for you how to be


Dwarfs (be small with a jelly bag cap)


Giants (be tall)


Fairies (show long nose)

  1. When you decided which role you wish to play, come to the middle of the play area and stay in a line right in front of the other array. Usually one big step behind a middle line is a good distance.

  2. Count to three and then be whatever you decided to be: Dwarfs, Giants or Fairies

  3. And now comes the action part:
    Dwarfs catch Giants
    Giants catch Fairies
    Fairies catch Dwars
    So run!
  4. When you reached your end of the rink without being caught you are save.
  5. If someone caught you, you belong to the other team now. And if you caught someone of the other team, your team got another player.
  6. Next round! Start at step 2 again!
  7. The game ends when everybody finally is in the same team - or nobody can run anymore because everybody had to laugh that much.

What you can expect:

  • Usually you can expect that at the beginning someone tries to make the decision for the whole group trying to be louder than the others. Fortunately that doesn’t work here because the other team will hear him - and could adjust their decision to win. I really like this!
  • Second happening you can expect is that some people are kind of confused. But that is really ok - just make them have fun while being confused.
  • Sometimes someone starts running in the wrong direction, because he mixed up groups or whatsoever. And usually a few (or all) follow him by suddenly chasing instead of fleeing and vice versa. Interesting moments - deep meaning!
  • And forth thing which will happen is that after thoroughly found a decision both groups stay in front of each other finding out that they decide to play the same role than the other team. What possibility for more metaphors...!

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