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Communication tip:

“Just don’t interrupt...”

Ok, this should be a matter of course for everybody.
But since it isn’t - here we go: Don’t interrupt your dialogue partner!

To cut someone off is just so rude - a sign of bad manners and even worse communication skills!

If you interrupt your dialogue partner you show no respect for him/her nor his/her opinion. And you to act impolite will cause your dialogue partner to lose his/her respect for you and your opinion.

Even if you are not interested in what he/she wants to tell, don’t interrupt! Find other appropriate ways to shorten the conversation or to get a word in edgeways.
Show in a nonverbal way that you appreciate that your partner had something important to say - and that you have something to say now as well.
If nothing else works you could do something unusual like raising your hand what will make your partner stop in confusion and you can mention you like to have your say once in a while. Do it with a smile and in a friendly way and your partner will listen - and remember to do so more frequently.

So be a bit polite and both of you will benefit from your conversation!

Oh and yes, please interrupt people in “Step aside - there is a truck driving towards you”, “Save the drowning bee in your water glass!” and “The dog has to be cuddled urgently!” cases...

“Caitlin Jasmine” by Andreas Lietzow

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