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Communication tip:

An easy way to settle down most disputes

We found out that sometimes there is a very easy way to settle down a dispute:
Find out if the disagreement is caused by a difference opinion about the topic of your conversation – or if it is just caused by a difference in the presentation.
Do you really have contrary points of view about the content – or do you just don’t like the way your conversational partner presents his aims?

Difficult forms of presenting can be: Shouting, vitriol, vilification and so on…
And positive, effective forms are for example: friendly tonality, understandable rationales, a true smile, and much more…

If you find out that you just dislike the form of your conversational partner’s presentation, here are three tips:

  1. Direct your attention on the content:
    Make yourself aware that you and your partner have more or less the same opinion about the content of your discussion. Then it is easier for you to stay objective and focussed on the outcome of your talk.
  2. Direct the attention of your partner on the content:
    Make your partner is aware that you just differ in the way of presenting your points of view - and that you agree with him in the content.
  3. Change your behaviour:
    Besides that it is always a useful thing to think about your own form of presentation as well. And if you find out that is or was not appropriate, simply change it!
    Then you will reach your aims faster, more relaxed and with much more fun!

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