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Communication tip:

The secrete of paying someone a compliment

Almost everybody loves to get compliments. It’s very helpful for your communication for several reasons, and it is easy to pay someone a good compliment if you know how:

Tell the truth!

Be careful: Don’t try to work with the old clichés. To tell someone about her beautiful eyes while your line of sight is focused on a completely other part of her body doesn’t help at all.

So, just pay someone a truthful compliment. It’s free and so useful!
You could try a “I like your shoes!”, “Your tie is beautiful!”, “That is a great idea of you!”, “That’s a very useful hat!”, “I appreciate the way you handle this!” - if you really mean it.

There is always at least one little single detail you like at your conversational partner. Be a little discrete in some cultural areas and find something adequate. If you tell him / her frankly what you like with a true smile you won a lot of affection - on both sides... Your partner knows that you like (something at) him and you know the same - sometimes it is extremely helpful to get this information!

By the way: It’s also valuable to pay yourself a nice compliment at least once every day!

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