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Chasing Mammoths

join and leave a group of people voluntarily, teamwork, communication

Chasing Mammoths is another very merrily game which Andreas and I developed.
It is a great fun to play and teaches participants a lot - on a lot of levels!

The aim of the game:
Actually the aim of Chasing Mammoths is not to wipe them out, that would be kind of unfriendly…
The first aim of Chasing Mammoths is to learn that you can join and leave a group of people voluntarily.
Second aim is to watch the players in your team and find a conjoined strategy which regards the mental and physical conditions of each member of the team, and to treat all Mammoths with kindness, respect and responsibility.

Mammoths herds chasing

What you need:
You just need a lot of people – the more the better – who want to have a lot of fun and a spot to run around safely.

The Rules of the game:

  1. Everybody is a Mammoth.
  2. You can become a herd of Mammoths by calling “Mammoth!” and the one who answers “Mammoth!” is in your herd and you are holding each others hands.
    You can join a whole herd of Mammoths as well by calling “Mammoth!” - as soon as one of the herd answers your call with “Mammoth!” you are part of it, so hold someone’s hand and enjoy.
  3. Large herds of Mammoths chase small ones! The more Mammoths are in your herd, the larger it is...
  4. Adjust the strategy and speed of your herd to the physical and mental possibilities of all Mammoths in your herd! Take care of them!
  5. caught little Mammoth waiting to be freed

    The head and the tail of your Mammoth herd may catch a smaller herd by touching one of its members.

  6. If a herd is touched, the whole herd sits down and (besides having the chance to recover a bit) makes the “I am a friendly Mammoth and want to be free”- gesture.
  7. Every free Mammoth can free a caught Mammoth by carefully touching his proboscis. Every Mammoth has to be freed separately and may then run around again.
  8. If you are a free Mammoth you can join every herd or leave it at any time you like to!

happily freed little Mammoth...


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