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Bunny, sit!

free choice of position at any time, attention to the needs of others

Bunny, sit! is a very nice game for mixed groups of all ages, because everybody can adjust the physical effort to their condition and may feel as a winner.
It’s lots of fun to play!

Aims of the game:
Take care of the bunnies waiting for your help! If you are an unfree bunny - hope is on its way!
The positions of aggressor and defender can be chosen voluntarily and may be consciously changed within a second.
And everybody can be a liberator as well!
After you caught or freed a bunny it is not your property! It is just a free bunny - or an unfree bunny waiting for your help.

What you need:
You just need a lot of people who want to have a lot of fun and a spot to run around safely.

Rules of the game:

  • Everybody starts as a free bunny or a free bunny enthusiast. You can choose your role and change it whenever you want to while you are free.
  • If you chose to be a bunny: Be aware of the bunny enthusiast - they try to catch you.
  • caught bunny

    If you chose to be a bunny enthusiast: Try to catch a bunny...:
    Touch a bunny (carefully, it’s a bunny…) and say “Bunny, sit!” to capture him.
  • You can catch bunny enthusiasts as well! If two bunny enthusiasts try to chase each other at the same time the first touch counts.
  • If you are a caught bunny, stay in a bunny position with hands as ears while you wait to be freed. Try to look like a friendly and cute bunny – that helps to motivate someone to free you…
    As soon as someone freed you, you can run around again and do whatever you like.
  • To free a bunny touch his bunny-ears carefully (be careful and avoid slaps to the head!) and say “Bunny, hop!”.
  • Every free bunny and every free bunny enthusiast can free a captured bunny.
  • Just a thought: It is a strategically good decision to be friendly to your liberator and do not attack him after he freed you.
  • After you caught or freed a bunny it is not your property! It is just a free bunny or a caught bunny waiting for your help!

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